Home Window Replacement Greensboro, NC

At Alpha Omega Geensboro NC, we care about helping people throughout the Southeast breathe new life into their homes through high-quality window replacements.

We’ve seen first-hand how new windows can completely rejuvenate a home, brightening and modernizing its look, feel, and function. Our Alpha Omega Construction Group team is here to bring your vision into reality while staying within budget.

Whether you have old wood windows that are falling apart, aluminum windows with failing glass units, first generation vinyl windows that aren’t simply performing like they should or simply ready for a new look and improved energy efficiency, we provide friendly service, excellent craftsmanship, payment plan options and experience you can trust.

Discover the Benefits of New Windows from Alpha Omega

Energy efficiency:
Windows are responsible for 40% of energy and heat loss in most homes in Greensboro NC. Once you make the initial investment in energy-efficient windows, you’ll see a significant difference in your monthly energy bill.

Increased comfort:
New, energy-efficient windows eliminate annoying drafts, stop “foggy windows”, and reduce condensation buildup. Just as important, new windows drastically limit street noise.

Improved security:
Recent advancements in window design have produced windows that are more secure and user friendly than ever. Added locking features provide extra protection from intruders, delivering peace of mind.

Greater durability:
Today’s energy-efficient windows and superior designs control or eliminate the condensation that can lead to premature deterioration of windows and wood sills.

Less maintenance:
New windows can save you money on maintenance and replacement costs. Our windows are made from modern, durable materials that are simple to clean and never need to be repainted.
Enhanced curb appeal and home value.

Windows and doors are the only features that can raise both the interior and exterior value of your home.

Getting Started with New Windows

A window replacement project can feel overwhelming. There are materials, colors, and designs to consider, as well as hardware options, energy efficiency, and more. Our award-winning professionals are here to help every step of the way.

We’ll evaluate your home and current windows, listen to your ideas and concerns, answer any questions you may have, and help you make the right choice. Together we’ll discuss the best replacement window option to meet your needs in budget, security, design, and comfort.

Let us know how we can help you get started on your next project!