Quick Tips: Getting Insurance to Cover Your Roof!

In need of a new or repaired roof from your insurance company but too intimidated by the process? Here are some quick tips on how to go about it and some facts you should know!

Tip 1

Don’t file your claim before knowing what the damage is.

A lot of folks will jump straight to filing their claim before finding out how much damage exists. Instead, it’s a good idea to get it assessed beforehand to know what you are working with.

Tip 2

Get a preliminary inspection.

Call us at 844-704-ROOF and have us do a preliminary inspection. This will reveal to you what damages exist so that you can make an informed decision on whether you should file a claim or not.

Tip 3

Don’t procrastinate, simply call your carrier’s claim line.

No matter who your carrier is, it shouldn’t pose a problem. We work with most of the major carriers. We will meet with your insurance adjuster, send an estimate, and get your approved roof installed in no time!

As you can see, replacing your roof can be as simple as 1,2,3!

However, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Alpha Omega and we will gladly help you through the process and make it as smooth as we can.

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